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Self Tanner EclisseTan Spray 100ml – Claire

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Spray Tanning without colorant (temporary tanner).


The bronze effect is just the DHA combination with skin keratin.




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Eclissetan Spray Transparent Tanner Clair gives your skin an intense and uniform color, leaving your skin extremely soft and hydrated. Thanks to its natural essences leaves also a delicate and pleasant scent.

Directions of use:  

Make sure your skin is dry and clean before use. Spray approximately from 10 inches   trying to avoid straining. First timers may spray too much product, and in this case we suggest to use a small brush (e.g. beard brush ) to distribute better the product on your face and body. Wait for it to dry and if you need a more intense color you can repeat the operation. To speed up the drying process you might want to use a phon. Claire does not need particular attention to protect clothes and hair because it does not leave any stain.

It is recommended before spraying the product and after spraying it not to spray deodorants or perfumes as the alcohol contained in the various products may vary the shade of color .

About the DHA:

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is a primary structural component of the human brain, cerebral cortex, skin, and retina. It can be synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid or obtained directly from maternal milk (breast milk), fish oil, or algae oil.
It can also be obtained by plants like sugar cane, through glicerine fermentation. DHA is the key component which creates the tanning effect. Applied on your skin, it won’t stimulate melanin, just reacts with proteins and amino acids on the skin surface and the tanning effect will be visible in minutes without harming your tanning process in any way.

This exclusive formula guarantees 100% a natural tanning color, without any awful yellow or orange stains.

Warnings: For the first 3 hours, do not wash the treated skin and do not practice any sport which can cause excessive sweating.
Lenght of effect may vary according to your kind of skin. It will fade away uniformly without leaving stains.
Excess in use may result in an inhomogenous color effect.

Produced only with natural ingredients, does not contain any: SLS, SLE, Parabens, mineral oils, Silicon, Gas


  1. Laura Huges

    I applied the product 3 days ago and my tan is still here! I am absolutely amazed and would give more than 5 stars!

  2. Rob Hopkin

    The best product for spray tanning I have ever tried. I applied it before going out clubbing and, once back home, I washed my face and went to bed. The next day my tan was still there and intact! Cannot believe it left no stains at all and cannot express how much I am satisfied!

  3. Karina

    Very satisfied, incredible results and good value for money

  4. Emma, Staffordshire

    Just got it, very quick delivery! Thank you

  5. Whitney Green

    Fantastic product. Great tan and no streaks or stains on clothes!

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