Self Tanner EclisseTan Makemetan Gel Ml 100 Black

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Self Tanner EclisseTan Makemetan Gel Ml 100 Black

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Makemetan Full Body Gel

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Eclissetan Dark Tanning Gel Noir gives an intense and uniform color, leaves the skin very soft and hydrated and thanks to the organic essences has a delicate and natural scent.

Tips for use:

Makemetan Gel is ideal for Face and Body especially for Legs, Ideal to cover Psoriasis and vitiligo (always ask the doctor) To make the best use Makemetan Gel use a brush (shaving type) put a drop of Makemetan on the brush (see how much to use) and spread evenly how to give the earth on the face, ditto also on other parts of the body, let dry or use a phoon.
The product on white clothing can get dirty but you can later wash in the washing machine and the product goes away

The effect of noir fades into 1-2 washes while the tanning principles of DHA increase in intensity over the next 4 hours.
Makemetan applied to the skin, does not stimulate the intervention of melanin, reacts with proteins and with amino acids on the surface layer forming a brown-golden color.
The formulation ensures a completely uniform and natural tan, without undesirable yellowish or orange shades.


We advise in the 6 hours after application not to wash the treated part and do not play sports that involve excessive sweating.

The duration varies from the type of skin and gradually fades without spots. For a brighter color, you can repeat the application the next day.

A product overload could result in color inconsicism. The product lasts for 12 months.

Remember that it is a natural product without preservatives, so it is advisable to buy the product if you use it frequently and consume it at most within 8/12 months.

We recommend this use to always ensure the best, let’s be clear its natural expiration is and remains 12 months from the opening of the product
The Tube Photograph may be different from what you will receive

Produced with natural ingredients, does not contain: SLS, SLES, Parabeni, Mineral Oils, Siliconi, Alcohol.

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