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Abbronzante Scuro – Eclissetan Spray Tanning 100 ml.

Abbronzatura Spray con colorante (abbronzante temporaneo).L' abbronzatura è data esclusivamente dal combinarsi del DHA con la cheratina della pelle. Permette di ottenere immediatamente effetto colorato.


Eclissetan Spray Abbronzante scuro Noir dona un colore intenso e uniforme, lascia la pelle morbidissima e idratata e grazie alle essenze bio ha una profumazione delicata e naturale.

Info su Claire e Noir sul sito

Consigliamo nelle 3 ore successive all’applicazione di non lavare la parte trattata e non fare sport che comportino eccessiva sudorazione. La durata varia dal tipo di pelle e svanisce gradatamente senza macchie. Per un colore più intenso è possibile ripetere l’applicazione anche il giorno successivo. Un sovraccarico di prodotto potrebbe avere come conseguenza una disomogeneità del colore.

Prodotto realizzato con ingredienti naturali, non contiene: SLS, SLES, Parabeni, Oli minerali, Siliconi, Alcool.
Eclissetan Spray gives an intense and uniform tanning, leaving your skin hydrated and soft. Its natural ingredients make this product unique and with a pleasant scent. Our exclusive formula mixes the product with your skin’s DHA and keratin, that’s why the effect will appear in just minutes
Eclissetan Spray 100 ml – Noir | 
This particular tonality leaves your skin with an intense and uniform color, and also very soft and hydrated. Made only with bio-natural ingredients, it has a delicate and natural scent.
Directions of use:  
Make sure your skin is dry and clean before use. Spray approximately from 10 inches   trying to avoid straining. First timers may spray too much product, and in this case we suggest to use a small brush (e.g. beard brush ) to distribute better the product on your face and body. Wait for it to dry and if you need a more intense color you can repeat the operation. To speed up the drying process you might want to use a phon. Claire does not need particular attention to protect clothes and hair because it does not leave any stain. The only NOIR needs care – be sure to protect your hair, clothes, etc. The tanning effect will fade away after 1 or 2 showers. You will see the full effect within 3 hours from the first application.
Warnings: For the first 3 hours, do not wash the treated skin and do not practice any sport which can cause excessive sweating.
Lenght of effect may vary according to your kind of skin. It will fade away uniformly without leaving stains.
Excess in use may result in an inhomogenous color effect.

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